01.13 – Monday!!!

Monday is Day 1 of the #800gChallenge®! Monday morning you will be able to log your scores in the wodify app. While you should weigh and measure your fruits and veggies at home or work, you can estimate quantities when eating out or on the road. A simple tip is that 1 cup of many fruits or vegetables is ~100g (except leafy greens which are ~25g/cup). As shown, a closed fist is about the size of a cup. “Lighter” items are closer to 100g/cup and “heavier” items are closer to 160g/cup. Don’t be afraid to “eyeball” it; you will likely be within 20-30 grams. And all that weighing and measuring at home will help make this more accurate over time.

Since we are starting the challenge on a Monday, you’ll also be able to get an extra point for food journaling! So don’t forget to take a picture of your 800g items and label them with the gram amount.

Monday’s WOD

Scaling Options

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