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One of the concerns people have when undertaking the #800gChallenge is that it will be “too many carbs.” But, you REALLY have to work to get high in carbs. Targeting taro root and yams will top you out at 200g carbs, but even 1,000 grams of fruit comes in at only 140g. The range of carbs consumed is generally 40-200, but even with mixed fruits and veggies it is very typical to average ~100g carbs/day. Read more here.


1) Fruit is your travel friend. It’s more commonly found than vegetables, particularly at airports or convenience-type stores.

2) When given the opportunity, get your grams in! It’s hard to predict what options you will have so “load-up” when fruits or veggies are available. You will always have the chance to make poor decisions (processed food is everywhere). You will have far fewer opportunities to eat fresh produce. Stay on target when you can, detour when you have to.

3) See this example travel day.

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