03.20 – Friday!!!

As we navigate through the upcoming weeks with at home wods and various challenges, make sure you’re plugged into our various social media platforms. It’s amazing that we can use these tools and create opportunities to still participate and workout together!

Coach Colin has been creating videos for us around the at home wods and scaling options. If you still have questions or are unsure how to scale with what you have at home, make sure to send Colin or Andrew a message. They’ll be able to help you get a good workout in with the tools on hand.

CFI Social Media:

Facebook—CrossFit Intensify West, click here.

Facebook—CrossFit Intensify Mohawk, click here.

Facebook—Intense Friends, click here.

Instagram—CFIntensify, click here. (Most videos posted here, make sure to follow!)

To send an email: contact@crossfitintensify.com

Friday’s WOD

Scaling Options

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