05.09.19 – Thursday

Memorial Day Murph is coming up quick!

We’ll have limited class times so please plan accordingly! There will be a cookout/potluck following the final class at BOTH locations! Bring your favorite dish!

West: 8:30 am, 10:00 am, 4:00 pm, and 5:30 pm

Mohawk: 8:30 am, 9:30 am, and 4:30 pm

Murph was the first “Hero workout.” These Hero workouts are each named after and dedicated to a member of the military, law enforcement, or a first responder who lost their life in service to us and our country.

This workout helps us remember our troops. It’s tough, but it’s nothing compared to their sacrifice. To learn more about Murph and his story, please click here. There have been many movies and documentaries about Murph. Check out “Murph the Protector” and “Lone Survivor.”

To learn more and register/donate to his foundation, click here.

Thursday’s WOD

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