07.15 – Monday!!!

IT’S MONDAY! Monday means it’s time to hit the gym and start the week off strong! While you’re at it make sure to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water!!!

Want to get your kids more involved in fitness? Now is a perfect time! We have a Pre-Teen Kids class for ages 8-12 and a Teen Athlete Strength and Conditioning program for ages 12-17.

We’ve worked hard to create the best possible programs for your pre-teen and teens! Not only will they learn different movements and techniques, but they’ll do so while having FUN!

Get your kiddos started down a solid path of fitness now. The first class is FREE!

Pre-Teen Kids classes are held at Mohawk on Monday & Wednesday at 10:45 am. These classes are for ages 8-12.

Teen Athlete Strength and Conditioning classes are held at our West Eugene location on Tuesday & Thursday at 3:30 pm. These classes are for ages 12-17.

To RSVP or find out more please email: contact@crossfitintensify.com

Monday’s WOD

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