07.24 – Friday!!!

***Please read***

Due to the new state-mandated guidelines starting Friday, July 24th masks will need to be worn inside fitness facilities. They will allow us to remove the face covering when we are set in our solid 6 feet bubble or squares during the warmups and WODs. If we need to move or transition during the WOD, we will need to mask back up (pull-ups, wall balls, heading out the door to run, etc.).

This isn’t the most ideal or comfortable situation but we will just have to focus on the positive side of things. We should feel very fortunate the gym isn’t shutdown again like they have in some of our neighboring states. Also, let’s be super glad we can still see all of our friends and continue the positive momentum we’ve gained since the shutdown.

This is very temporary, and we will all come out of this stronger!

Friday’s WOD

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