07.27 – Monday!!!

After getting clarification from the state, there is in fact NO exceptions to the indoors mask state mandate like it seemed on the state website.

We WILL be pivoting our programming during this time to be more strength-based with the main lifts and supplementing with accessory work and lower intensity aerobic exercise. With a positive attitude, this could be a great opportunity to make an extra jump in your strength, and still have a great time with your friends and coaches. If you need to step outside for some air, that’s totally acceptable and encouraged. 

The class size capacity will also be reduced by two during this time, and we will be trying to spread everyone out even more for comfort. This inconvenience will not stop us from making or maintaining the progress we’ve worked so hard for. Come on in and let’s have some fun!

Find yourself several breathable mask options. We will also have some black gaiters as an option available to you as well. Many people find those to be the most comfortable and breathable when exercising.

Monday’s WOD

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