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Mindset With Nutrition Part 1

Success with personal nutrition is heavily dependent on one’s ability to understand their own personal goals and create the proper mental approach to these goals. Whatever your current personal goals are, we believe overall longevity is something that should always be at the forefront of your priorities. In CrossFit, we recommend nutritional practices that promote overall wellness and help move us towards fitness on the Sickness > Fitness spectrum (click here for the prior post). There are a few fundamental things to understand to help set you up for success.

-Understand your goal and activity level and create a plan that is in line with that. Whether that goal is weight loss, muscle gain, getting lean, or performance; each goal requires a slightly different approach.

-One “diet” doesn’t fit all. What works for one person does NOT work for all people. Trying to copy someone because they are achieving the results that you want, is not a smart approach. There are many variables that make us all unique when it comes to our nutritional needs. Take the time to learn what works for you. Don’t be afraid to try different things.

-That leads to our next point. All nutritional practices are TOOLS to achieve a goal, rather than “diets”. Whether it’s counting macros, keto, paleo, or high carb low fat, these tools help us learn how to properly fuel ourselves to achieve our goals and improve overall health. Using these tools also allows us to get closer to the ultimate goal of intuitive eating.

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