09.23 – Wednesday

“Do you recognize that tasty bakery product from a well-known coffee chain? I love doing these comparisons, because 1) it’s still shocking to me; and 2) hopefully, it helps you understand why we have so much diet confusion.

It’s likely very true. You aren’t eating the box of cookies or pint of ice cream every night. You likely don’t eat “that bad.” And yet you don’t have to, to stymie progress. Modern day foods are calorie bombs. One slice of pound cake has 54% more calories than a plate (904 grams by weight) of fruits and vegetables!

If you ate the pound cake, you are likely looking for a snack before lunch. Yet, you would feel completely stuffed to the gills if you attempted to eat that #800gChalllenge plate before lunch. We have to remember the feeling of fullness does not correlate with calories consumed.

Note: the fruit and veggie plate beats out almost all of the store’s bakery selection on the basis of calories, save for the plain bagel (without spread), or cake pop.” – EC Synkowski

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