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“Hunger is the result of many factors – but whether or not your stomach has anything in it is a big part of it! Nerves sense the physical stretching of the stomach as it fills sending signals of fullness to the brain. Eating your food (versus drinking) also gives more time for those signals to register, meaning we usually stop eating more quickly when compared to drinking calories.

Since weight control is a common goal, this is one of the reasons the #800gChallenge is my first step. We’ve got to deal with hunger. And, how are we going to do that with meal replacement shakes and supplements? We’re aren’t. Not in the long-term anyway.

For completeness, fullness is also relayed to the brain based on the caloric composition of that food and your blood sugar. This is why when you gulp down water or a eat head of lettuce, you might be full but still hungry. So, this is where adding some more substantial items – like fruit, potatoes, and of course, the ever-satiating protein, to the mix can help. Hello, Lazy Macros.” – EC Synkowski

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Friday’s WOD

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