At CrossFit Intensify, health and fitness is our passion, and CrossFit is our lifestyle! As a result CrossFit Intensify has become the premier CrossFit gym in the Eugene/Springfield area and one of the best CrossFit affiliates in Oregon.

Community (1)As a CrossFit gym and athletic club, CrossFit Intensify offers CrossFit group workouts led by a certified trainer and coach. During these sessions, our expert coaches will help teach you the movements and scale the program to your level. We’ll also help support, encourage, and motivate so you can push yourself through these challenging workouts and reach your goals! Most of all, we’ll give you the opportunity to join a community of like-minded people focused on fitness and health through CrossFit.

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You’ll notice the difference between us and the average gym the second you walk in the door. We teach each other functional exercises and movements that apply to everyday life, we help each other build healthy eating habits to feel good and optimize performance, we work together and hold friendly competitions to drive one another beyond our limits, and we keep it all going outside the gym with an online community and club events that help everyone stay engaged.

So if you want to feel better, get in shape, and live a healthier lifestyle, transform yourself and join the CrossFit movement at CrossFit Intensify!  Get started today by scheduling a free intro workout and tour of the gym. Simply email us here or call 541-600-7668 to schedule a time.

CrossFit Intensify now serves Eugene and Springfield at 2 convenient locations! For more information, please CLICK HERE.

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