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CrossFit 6-Week Beginner Challenge!


The next 6-week Beginner Challenge starts Monday, July 24th!

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Who Are We Looking For?


  • You do NOT need to be in shape to join. — This program is designed for beginners!


  • You have to commit! — Classes are 3 days per week. You have to be able and willing to commit to this schedule!


  • You have to be comfortable in a group class. — Our group classes are filled with energy and positive attitudes. You have to be ready to have fun with a group!


  • You have to be seriously dedicated to your goals. — We will help you, we will push you, but ultimately you have to put in the work and have the motivation to succeed.


  • You have to be ready to work hard. — Everyone is welcomed in our community as long as they’re excited and motivated to push themselves and improve.


  • You have to leave your ego at the door. — We’re not looking for show-offs or meat-heads. We’re looking for coach-able beginners excited to learn and get better, even if it means slowing things down to focus on technique.


  • You have to stay committed for all 6 weeks! — You will get sore. You will be challenged. The only way to get the results is to stick with it.


  • You have to ready for a transformation, and that may not always mean weight loss like the “Biggest Loser.” — We welcome weight loss goals, but not everyone loses weight. Many people add muscle and get lean and tone. Everyone who stays committed, follows the program and works hard gets the results they’re looking for. We improve Body Composition using Strength and Conditioning.


  • You have to be willing and ready to follow our Nutrition Program. — Our 6-week Meal Plan works, if you follow it! This nutrition component is HUGE; often 80% or more of your results will be directly tied to your nutrition.

Cost for 6 weeks of classes, coaching and meal planning:


To get started, please call 541-600-7668 or Contact Us Here.

Beginner Class Schedule

CFI Mohawk in Springfield:  Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 5:30 am, 6:30 am, 12:00 pm, 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm.

CFI West in Eugene:  Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 6:30 am and 7:30 pm.

For a full CrossFit Intensify class schedule, CLICK HERE. On the schedule the beginner classes are listed as “Beginner Challenge” in green.

Interested? Want to learn more? Want to join?

Please contact us using the form below. You can also call us at 541-600-7668. If you’d like to schedule a free introduction, please include notes on your availability. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you!

Zach Smith
Owner of CrossFit Intensify

I have personally seen how CrossFit has dramatically changed the lives of those who commit to the process. This challenge was created to introduce this style of training to those who would absolutely benefit from it, but may be too intimidated to come in and try it on their own.

We are trying to find the right people who will work hard, finish the program, and ultimately be an amazing representation of what is possible with CrossFit. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, contact us ASAP. I look forward to meeting you in person very soon.