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CrossFit Intensify Classes

You never have to sign-up in advance. Just show up at a scheduled time and we will take care of the rest.

CrossFit Intensify classes are an hour long.¬†You’ll get in, get out and get on with your busy day.

Each class is led by a CrossFit-certified Coach (or a team of coaches). We’ll guide you the whole way and help you get the workout that’s just right for YOU.

The coach leading the class helps teach everyone the movements and customize the Workout of the Day to support each athlete’s goals (more on this below). Throughout the class, our coaches ensure everyone is having a safe, fun and challenging workout. Likewise, CFI members and athletes help motivate and encourage each other throughout the workout.

The Workouts

Each class will focus on a Workout of the Day or WOD, and each WOD has 3 options:

Performance, Fitness and The Basics.

As the names suggest, each option is designed to support specific goals. You and your coach will create the best possible workout for you as an athlete. Please read the following descriptions carefully to decide which is right for you:


If your main focus is your performance in your workouts and becoming a better, more competitive CrossFit athlete, then this workout is for you. This is your typical “Rx” level, and as always can be scaled down (or up) if needed. This option for the workout will typically include heavier weights, longer distances, higher reps, etc. CrossFit Intensify has been publishing these types of workouts for years and will continue to push the limits! If your goal is to achieve an elite level of fitness or compete in CrossFit, this workout is for you!


If your main focus is to develop and maintain a high-level of functional fitness to simply be better at life, then this workout is for you. These workouts are challenging, yet customizable. This is your typical CrossFit Intensify workout with a few modifications and/or a little scaling. This option for the workout will look very similar to the Performance workout, except it will typically include lighter weight, lower reps, shorter distances, some options for exercise modifications, etc. It will also be written to be fully customizable. Often there will be options for exercises so you and your coach can create a workout that is just right for you. If your goal is to simply get fit, be healthy, feel good, have fun and live a better life, then this workout is for you!

The Basics

If your main focus is to ease into the program by building a solid foundation of fitness, then this workout is for you. These workouts will be designed so you can “focus on The Basics.” They are perfect for recent graduates of the CrossFit Intensify Beginners Program, experienced CrossFitters coming back after time off or anyone simply needing something a little less intense for that day. This option for the WOD will typically include fewer rounds, less reps, simpler exercises or modifications, etc. If your goal is to start or restart your fitness journey in the CrossFit Intensify program, this workout is for you!

The CrossFit Intensify Program is designed to improve every aspect of your fitness, give you the results you want and get you in the best shape of your life.


If you want life-changing results, the CrossFit Intensify program is for you.


For our class schedule CLICK HERE. For more information or to schedule your free intro sessions to get started please contact us or call 541-600-7668.


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