Coach Kristen's teaching us Yoga and helping us get more mobile!

Coach Kristen’s teaching us Yoga and helping us get more mobile!

Join us every Thursday at our Springfield location at 5:30 pm for Yogility!

Coach Kristen Barnes leads CrossFit Intensify’s new Yoga and Mobility class! This class is FREE for all CFI CrossFit members and there’s no need to sign-up in advance. Just come in and get mobile! This class combines Yoga poses used for building balance and increasing flexibility with other mobility technique commonly used in the CrossFit community.

Coach Kristen has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. After obtaining her degree in Exercise Science, she started her successful career as a personal trainer and coach for sustainable weight management, pain free mobility techniques, and eventually CrossFit. She is also certified in Clinical Subtle Muscle Testing and Assisted Yoga Stretching from Thai Massage under Dr. Camden Clay D.C., and Dr. Shawne Murray, D.O., who she apprenticed under for 3 years in Atlanta.

Kristen YogilityKristen ran track in high school, was on the collegiate cycling team at Auburn University, and has been practicing and studying yoga for 12 years. She is also a 3 time Regional CrossFit Games athlete. When she is not coaching CrossFit, Kristen also offers private bodywork sessions and teaches workshops in Targeted Muscle Testing and Quick Self Fixes.

With Coach Kristen’s powerful combination of skills and specialties as well as her high-level of experience as a CrossFit coach and athlete, her Yogility Program offers our community a unique hybrid approach to Yoga and Mobility. 

Join us for Yogility every Thursday evening and witness the results for yourself!