Bulgarian Split Squat, Box Jump, Run – Monday

It’s springtime and the weather’s turning around and as part of that expect to see a little more running in our programming, like today!

Parents: Don’t forget this Saturday, April 7th, it’s our CFI Babysitter’s Club-Date Night! Bring your kids by Mohawk anytime from 5-8pm for some fun games, activities, and supervision for all ages! The 7th/8th grade girls Soccer team the “Bone Crushers” will provide CFI parents with a Date night! The team is raising money for an upcoming tournament. There will be adult supervision as well. We will provide a snack, but dinner before they come might be best. Cost is $10 per kid.

For a proper head count please RSVP by clicking “GOING” on Facebook. Post in comments if you’ll have multiple kids attending, or if you have any questions.

Monday’s WOD

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