Burpee, Squat Box Jump, Goblet Squat – Friday

Renee hitting skin-to-skin doing a grasshopper!

Friday’s WOD

6 rounds for time:

  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Squat Box Jumps (20/16″)
  • 10 Goblet Squats

The delivery of produce from Sweetwater Farms came yesterday. Please come pick up your bag asap. Krista, Keith, Michelle O. and Kendall, you have bags waiting for you! If you don’t pick it up by midday today, we’ll have to give it away.

Lynne, co-owner of the farm, forwards these helpful links to get you guys cooking that fresh food! http://www.whfoods.com/ for good info on nutrition and lots of recipes too. http://www.whfoods.com/ whfoodskitchen.php is particularly helpful for people who haven’t cooked much or don’t know healthy methods. http://thestonesoup.com/blog/ for a lot of good healthy recipes, most with only 5 ingredients, nice and simple. http://thestonesoup.com/blog/recipe-index-2/ is the recipe index. She also has an online cooking school! http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes_menus EatingWell is Lynne’s favorite food magazine, with lots of nutritional info as well as recipes in the mag and online.

We’re currently scoring the Fall Challenge. There’s a lot of number crunching going on! We’ll announce the winners as soon as possible!

Online CrossFit competitions are heating up in anticipation of the Worldwide Open in February! 

Check out wodclubopen.com. They’re hosting a 3 week online CrossFit competition. Some of the top athletes from around the world have entered this one. The deadline for submission of the first workout is January 7th at midnight. If you’re interested please let us know asap and register at wodclubopen.com

Ben’s sponsor, RokFit, is also hosting an online competition, called the RokFit Cyber Series. This one costs only $9.99 and starts in early February. Please visit their website rokfitcyberseries.com for more information.

These online competitions are a fun and pressure-free way to test your skills, gear up for the Open and the Games, and compare your abilities to other CrossFitters from around the world. Check them out!

Thruster, Hang Power Clean, Sumo Deadlift High-pull



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