Deadlifts, DU’s, BBJ’s, KB swings – Wednesday

Great job to everyone who took on that tough WOD Monday! That was definitely one you had to just focus on one step at a time.

Get those Double Unders! Practice as much as you can. We will give you some drills to help you along the way, but you’re gonna have to spend an extra couple minute before or after class to get consistent. They will come, but you got to put the time in. There will be moments of frustration, but you can’t let that get to you. If you screw up, just reset and try again. Once you’re able to get your own jump rope with your correct measurement, that will help as well. Let your coach know if you’d like to buy your own jump rope from our store, and we will size it up for you. Practice, practice, practice!

Wednesday’s WOD

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