Max Squat Clean, Partner ROW – Friday

Don’t let Coach see you slacking! We’re always watching.

Make sure you ALWAYS have goals during your Crossfit journey. Many of you probably haven’t put much thought into it, but you definitely should. Lots of short term goals that you could reach in the next few months. Whether that might be a body composition goal like dropping 10lbs, or an attendance goal and you’d like to shoot for at least four days a week for the next month. Maybe you want to see those double unders improve and your goal is to get to 10 in a row. Share those goals with your friends, and please let your coaches know as well so they can help hold you accountable and help you reach them. Also have some long term goals as well that you might hope for 12 months from now. Or even 3 years from now. No matter how big your mountain is, it starts with one step. Lets get to the top! Once you reach your goals, it’s time to make some NEW ones.

Friday’s WOD

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