Partner Tabata!!! – Saturday

8:30 AM class starting Friday’s WOD off strong with that Buy-in row. This class runs primarily on Fit-Aid.

SATURDAY NIGHT, our CFI Baby sitters club will be hosting a “Kids Night Out” event from 5-8pm. There will be tons of fun games, activities, arts and crafts, snacks, and a movie. This is a great opportunity for you to drop the kids off and have up to a few hours to yourself, or get a date night. The 7/8th grade girls soccer team and their coaches are raising money for their next soccer tournament and are excited to hang out with your little ones. it is $10 per kid for members, and $15 per kid for non members. Send us an email or message if you plan on taking advantage!

Saturday’s Partner WOD


20 sec ON, 20 Sec OFF. Your partner goes during your OFF period. 1/2 Tabata= 4 rds of :20 ON, :20 OFF

2 FULL Cycles

-1/2 Tabata Kettlebell Swings (EACH PERSON DOES 4 SETS OF :20 SEC on)

-1/2 Tabata Abmat Sit-ups

-1/2 Tabata Push-ups

-1/2 Tabata Mountain Climbers

-1/2 Tabata Jumping Alternating Lunges


Scaling Options

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