Power Clean, Front Squat, Split Jerk, Row – Monday!!!

CFI Bingo starts August 1st!

Don’t miss out on CFI Bingo for the month of August! It will be a fun way to get into the gym, get some PR’s, and clean up your eating!

Complete as many squares as you can to finish as many lines as possible in the month of August. For each line completed you will receive an entry into an awesome drawing. There are 12 possible lines to be completed. Blackout your card and you will receive an additional 3 entries, totaling 15 entries possible. You’ll hand in your card at the end of the month.

Plus it’s FREE, so why not participate?! Plan out your month!

Make sure to get in on the fun! Grab a bingo card from your coach!

Monday’s WOD

Scaling Options

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