CrossFit Intensify offers each member a wealth of resources and advice to help them increase their functional fitness and reach their fitness goals.

Here at CrossFit Intensify, we believe that CrossFit is more than a workout, it’s a lifestyle. Believe it or not, a majority of your progress depends on your work and habits outside of the gym. Your workouts are short, maybe an hour. Some days as short as 5 minutes! That gives you 23 hours in a day to either build on or hinder your fitness development and progress. Live a healthy lifestyle and you’ll reap the rewards in the gym and beyond.

Below you’ll find a list of links, including many helpful nutrition blog posts. Read the blogs, research healthy nutrition, stick to your workout schedule outside of the gym, use some healthy strategies to stay on track, and do your homework! Incorporate these tools into your health and fitness regimen and you’ll see amazing results, fast!

The CrossFit Hierarchy of Fitness Development. Remember, nutrition forms the foundation!

The CrossFit Nutrition Prescription

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Challenge

Paleo Recipes (Health-Bent)

The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet Explained (courtesy of CrossFit Impulse)

What’s the problem with grains?


Fish Oil Info and Recommendations

Robb Wolf’s Blog

Mark’s Daily Apple

CrossFit Links

The CrossFit Journal

The CrossFit Message Boards

Beyond the Whiteboard

Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD blog

At-home/Travel CrossFit Workouts (courtesy of Central Oregon CrossFit)