Run & Barbell Bicep Curls – Monday!!!

The Bod Pod testing is this Wednesday, April 24th for MOHAWK and Thursday, April 25th for WEST. If you haven’t signed up for a timeslot already please do so as soon as possible.

Some important details:

-Payments of $75 will be to the Portland Bod Pod Company and are due at the time of your appointment. Cash/check preferred but cards will also be accepted. This fee covers the test this week and at the end of the challenge.
-NO food or exercise within a couple of hours prior to testing and minimal water intake.
-The testing will be in private rooms on site.
-Clothing when being tested needs to tight fitting. 

Ladies: Shorts, tight leggings, or capri pants, sports bra (without wire), or swimsuit.
Guys: compression shorts

-Make sure to take off anything metal prior to testing including jewelry, bobby pins, etc.

$250 prize for anyone who can beat the company body fat loss record of 7%

Our challenge is for the greatest % of body fat % loss. Meaning 10–>8%. =. 25–>20%

Cash prizes for top Male and Female!

Challenge length is actually 42 days due to scheduling for the retest.

Retest for Mohawk: Wednesday, June 5th
Retest for West: Thursday, June 6th

Then, we’ll be summer ready!

For more information on testing, click here!

Monday’s WOD

Scaling Options

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