Run, Double Under, V-Up, Kettlebell Snatch – Wednesday

If you leave your hoodies and jackets on the couches too long, they may soon smell like dog. Sorry!


Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s CrossFit Open and our CFI Cup. We had a blast and made some great memories. Many of you overcame some serious obstacles and did things you never thought possible. We’re so proud of all of you guys! But now, down to business. Who won the 2018 CFI Cup?!?! Going into the final week Team Crippen had a solid lead with Team Colin and Team Zach close on their heels. Here’s how 18.5 played out.

8.5 team scores:
1. Team Crippen – 1326 reps
2. Team Zach – 1235 reps
3. Team Colin – 1218 reps
4. Team Kristen – 1212 reps

Team Particpation:
1. Team Crippen – 96.2%
2. Team Zach – 92.3%
3. Team Colin – 92.0%
4. Team Kristen – 87.5%

1. Team Crippen
2. Team Zach
3. Team Colin
4. Team Kristen

1. Team Crippen – 8 points
2. Team Zach – 11 points
3. Team Colin – 12 points
4. Team Kristen – 17 points

As you can see, Team Crippen ran away with the win in the final week. With consistently solid participation and some amazing workout performances in both Rx and Scaled divisions they took the cake! Great job to Andrew and his squad!

Thanks and congrats to everyone who participated. We can’t wait to do this bigger and better again next year! Congrats on an amazing Open season!

Wednesday’s WOD

Scaling Options


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