Run, Push Press, Sumo Deadlift High-pull – Thursday

Jess getting after it, flipping those tires!! She worked her way through the tire flip ladder at last weekend's Oregon CrossFit Games. She finished in a tie for 1st place in this event. She was awesome all weekend long!

Thursday’s WOD

For total time:

Run 1 mile

Then, 10 rounds of…

  • 10 push presses (40%)
  • 10 sumo deadlift high-pulls

Then, run another mile.

Looks like a lot but don’t worry, we’ll scale the workout for many of you guys. It’ll be hard but nothing you can’t handle. 🙂

Monday September 5th is Labor Day. The gym will be closed for the holiday. Have yourself a relaxing rest day! Or if you just can’t help yourself and need a workout, please see the Home/Travel workout page for a comprehensive list of workouts you can do on your own.

Today’s the first day of the CrossFit Intensify Fall Challenge! If you’d like to complete your weigh-in and measurements, please arrive to your workout session a few minutes early. Also, please see yesterday’s post for some important notes on substituting workouts and tracking your performance. Remember, you have till September 20th to buy-in and you can’t get a worksheet till we receive your $10. The worksheets are due on the last day of the month.

Saturday September 24th is our Olympic Lifting Seminar! Regular Saturday workout sessions have been canceled and replaced by this 3-hour seminar focused on improving your Olympic lifting. The cost to attend is $30. You’ll come away with a better knowledge and understanding of the Oly lifting movements as well as improved technique and form in these complicated lifts. There’s a sign-up list on the main board. Please put your name down to RSVP. Thanks!




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