Snatch, Overhead Squat, Strict Pull-Up – Monday!!!

*Monday, Dec 31st New Year’s Eve we will have limited hours:

Mohawk’s final class of the day will be the 4:30 pm class and 4:30 pm Teens class. All classes after 4:30 pm will be canceled. 

West’s final class of the day will be the 3:30 pm class. All classes after 3:30 pm will be canceled. *

CFI BINGO is back for January!!!

Grab your BINGO card as soon as you can so you can scope out your card good, and plan out your January plan of attack.

BINGO cards this time are $10, with ALL the money going into the prize pool for a bigger raffle giveaway at the end! You can purchase up to 2 cards for yourself to better your odds. Ask your coach before or after class if you can grab a bingo card from them. Either cash or card is acceptable.

Complete as many challenges as you can, and attempt to finish a line (Bingo!). At the end of January, you will get a raffle entry into the big drawing per line completed. If you BLACKOUT your board, you will get a bonus of 3 more tickets. 

Some of these challenges are a lot harder to complete. There may even be one or two that you just cannot do because of schedule conflicts. That is why you will NOW get the free space in the middle to help you out. 
Please message or email me for clarification.
Let’s kick butt in January everyone!!!


2 minute max rep Double Under test can be treated as 2 minutes of practice if you don’t have DU’s yet. Practice for a couple of minutes, and get yourself closer to getting that first one! If you’ve got DU’s, then keep track of how many you get in a 2 minute span.

-As for the 6 servings of vegetables, you can ask Google, “How much is in a serving of broccoli?” and it will tell you.

-Volume Training is a strength building method that can be done before or after class. Take pull-ups for example. To get stronger, I’m going to try and maintain 3-5 reps every minute for 10 minutes. If it takes you 10 seconds to get your reps, you will rest and recover for the remaining 50 seconds in the minute.

-The sled drag will need 45 lbs. extra on the sled for ladies and 90 lbs. extra for men.

-The cash out is done after you cool down from your WOD.

-400m Walking Lunge can also be done inside if the weather is not good. Get 50’ track, and do 13 down and backs

-The gym has a RomWOD account that you can use for free. Ask your coach for the info. You do not need to sign up for yourself.

SMART goals are:

Specific: State exactly what you want to accomplish; use action words.

Measurable: Use smaller, mini-goals to measure and track progress.

Achievable: Make your goals reasonable and within scope.

Relevant: Set goals that are worthwhile and have a purpose.

Time-Bound: State when you’ll get it done, be specific on date or timeframe.

Monday’s WOD

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