Sumo Deadlift, Row, Ring Plank Hold – Wednesday

Why give up gluten for the month of August? Gluten is a highly allergenic type of lectin (a natural plant toxin that damages the lining of the small intestine). Gluten ingestion causes a mild to severe inflammatory response in the body (depending on the individual), compromising both digestive and immune functions. Many people suffer from different forms of gluten intolerance without knowing this is the root of their symptoms. 

The following symptoms can be linked to gluten intolerance: bloating, digestive issues, abdominal pain, headaches, always feeling tired, skin issues, depression, unexplained weight loss, iron-deficiency anemia, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, joint and muscle pains, leg or arm numbness, and brain fog.

During the CFI Bingo this month, take note of how you feel before, during, and after the gluten free portion. Read those labels as gluten is in a variety of items you wouldn’t expect. 

Wednesday’s WOD

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