Turkish Get Up, Row – Tuesday

Congrats to the winner of our Lifestyle Challenge, Katie Newton-Eley!

The results of the Lifestyle Challenge are in!

Our top finisher was Katie Newton-Eley! She wins $80 for all her hard work!

Winning back their $20 buy-ins are: Jennifer Larson, Sherri Nelson, Stefen Josef Lowery, Erik Carlstrom, Brenna Cutting, Hannah Harris, Elsa Jackson, David Buchanan, Michael Ferguson, Theresa Williams, Ashley Wong, Corina Franks, Amanda Dudley, and Red Gilliland!

Splitting the rest of the pot and winning $60 each: Cody Nutt, Chris Lowe, Madeline Jonas, Joshua Burger, Kelly Stradinger-Gilliland, Micah R Painter, and Rachael Greenhaw!

Congratulations to everyone! We will have your prize money waiting behind the desk at Mohawk. Please come pick it up as soon as you can!

Tuesday’s WOD

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