Wall Ball, V-Up, Shuttle Run, Burpee – Thursday

Thursday’s WOD

4 Rounds for Reps

-1 min of Wallballs

-1 min of V-ups

-1 min of 30′ Shuttle Runs

-1 min Burpees to Plate

-1 min REST

15 sec break transition in between.

Scaling Options

Do you sit all day at work or school? Or find that your hips and ankles tend to be tight? Hip and ankle mobility drastically impact your squat. And if you’ve done CrossFit for any length of time, you know we do a lot of squats. This also carries over into our lifting techniques as well.

Working out is always better when you have fun people to work out with!

Insert, Squat Therapy! Coming in a few minutes before class and working on opening your hips will have big impacts not only on your squat but also your lifts.

Here is a link from CrossFit Invictus giving 3 great stretches to do before class! Click here.

If you’re still unsure or would like some additional help, please reach out to your coaches!

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